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The South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA)

The South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA) aims to assist expectant parents, who wants the birth of their child captured, to find a professional birth photographer in their area. We aim to encourage the development and growth of the birth photography industry in South Africa, to build respectful relationships with hospitals, clinics and birth professionals and to promote birth photographers of the highest standard and professional integrity.

Birth photography is still in its infancy in this country and there are very few registered photographers, however SAPBA hopes to provide aspiring photographers with support and education and instill an understanding and respect for the birth process, the privacy of clients and other birth professionals in this country.

SABPA has already established relationships with many birth professionals, clinics and hospitals across South Africa and we hope to grow these on a continuous basis. Our members abide by a strict code of conduct which has been developed in partnership with hospitals, midwives and other birthing professionals and also enjoy access to resources and other benefits.

The beautiful publication BIRTH, as originally conceptualized and published by Love Alda Maternal & Family Photography, will be taken over by SABPA come this Spring 2014. It will hold on to its current format as a photo journal which shares maternal memories from maternity, to birth, to newborn with parents, and will be available online, as well as in hard copy across South Africa (with a focus on birth professional premises). Alda and other SABPA Members will continue to contribute to its content. For the current edition in it’s original format visit For advertising rates in the Spring edition or on the SABPA web page email BIRTH will be published as a SABPA title by Parenterest#Media

Note that in order to advertise birth photography / maternal photography services, you have to be a registered SABPA member or pending member. Members also enjoy special advertising discounts and other benefits.

To Parents:  It is our hope that, through SABPA’s efforts, South African parents will come to know the immeasurable value of capturing birth stories that will only be told once, in a respectful, professional manner.  To find your birth photographer and learn more about birth photography visit

To both established and aspiring South African birth photographers:  Let’s create an art form to be proud of.


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