Birth photography is the recording of a story that will only be told once.  For most parents the birth of their child it is one of the most important and life-changing experiences and birth photography provides parents with breathtakingly, emotional pictures of a first meeting that only lasts a couple of minutes and yet has the power to change them forever.  If done correctly, birth photographers play an immeasurable role in addressing social and emotional wellbeing by setting the tone for transformative collaborations, narrative competence and person-centered experiences in birth.

The South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA) represents professional birth photographers in South Africa and aims to encourage the development and growth of the professional birth photography industry in South Africa. It was founded in in 2013 out of a desire to grow birth photography as a professional service within the healthcare realm in South Africa – successfully integrating the profession into the healthcare community. The association is guided by an independent advisory board, consisting of various medical professionals. The SABPA Oath of Conduct is the cornerstone of the association and provides a benchmark for the industry in South Africa.  Our members have all written and passed their SABPA Entry Exams and taken the SABPA Oath of Conduct.

SABPA is not an accreditation or regulatory body, but instead empowers parents, photographers, hospitals and healthcare providers by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to uphold the integrity, safety and privacy of the birth space and its role players, whilst allowing parents to have their birth stories captured in a beautiful and professional manner.  SABPA ultimately strives to bridge the gap between medicine and the humanities by integrating existing clinical excellence with positive patient experiences.

We have affiliations with more than one non-profit organisation supporting women in birth with many of our members giving their time to volunteer services. Ten percent of practice and membership fees go towards HATCH . Hatch is a starter kit for new moms from underprivileged areas, giving them and their babies some of the basic essentials for those first few weeks that most people take for granted.

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